Welcome to the crafts! We have an assortment of crafts readily available for your enjoyment, have fun!


  • Bumblebee Craft
  • Caterpillar Craft
  • Cowspotting Craft
  • Farm hats Craft
  • Puppets Craft


  • Uppercase A Maze
  • Lowercase a Maze
  • Uppercase B Maze
  • Lowercasee b Maze
  • Uppercase C Maze
  • Lowercase c Maze


  • Guy Salad Recipe
  • Mickey's Snack Mix Recipe
  • Fiona's peanut butter and banana rollups
  • Megan's strawberry-moo smoothie

Our crafts require Adobe Acrobat to view, if you do not have Adobe Acrobat, you can obtain it at www.adobe.com, it's free to use!